bolted joint design services

Peak Innovations Engineering provides both industry leading bolted joint design and testing capabilities. Our highly skilled team of professionals has the experience and equipment to design, test, validate, and enhance bolted joint designs within your product. We the help of Peak involvement, we can develop bolted joints with improved performance, coupled with lower installed cost, while reducing warranty costs and the potential for recalls resulting from in-service failures. We add value to your bottom line by enabling your engineers to focus their time and efforts onto your core product features and components, while Peak focuses our efforts on your fastener and joint designs, increasing both productivity and design robustness.


Why is Bolted Joint Design Critical?

Although bolted joints are often overlooked during the design stage, they can be critical to the proper function of your product. They need to be designed to be able to withstand all of the normal operating loads that they may experience in-service as well as potential variations resulting from the assembly process without loosening or failing. Failures can be caused by a multitude of factors involving such things as: design and service loads, joint geometry, environmental factors, assembly processes and field service; all of which should be taken into account to ensure a robust joint design.  Loosened and failed bolted joints are one of the largest contributors to warranty and service costs as well product recalls and the bolted joint design services provided by Peak can help to minimize these factors, reducing your costs while enhancing consumer perception of your products.

Peak innovations Engineering helps ensure your bolted joints meet necessary performance requirements, because joint development and testing is our primary core competency.  We will utilize our diverse industry experience and unsurpassed top-tier technology to conduct the analysis necessary to develop and optimize your bolted joint designs. Working in conjunction with your engineers we can develop bolted joints and assembly strategies that maximize performance and efficiency at minimum cost.


Bolted Joint Design and Testing

Design of the bolted joint is only the initial step in a sequence that should include testing and validation of both the design and assembly process.  The completed joint to be fully validated should be tested across the full range of both service and assembly conditions to determine worst case performance.  The extensive and unique capabilities available from Peak allow both laboratory testing under controlled environmental conditions or in-field testing of assembled joints under service loading, in addition to on-line assembly testing to determine and validate potential process variability. The outcomes of this testing can prove that the current joint design and assembly process are robust enough to withstand both assembly and service without failures but it can also uncover the potential for critical failures that can be eliminated prior to reaching end users.  The skilled Peak personnel bring many years of global fastener industry experience in addition to a wide breadth of assembly process experience across a wide variety of industries. Using Peak’s equipment, skills and personnel enables you to leverage your existing in-house design and assembly team on key value added areas of your product, while Peak focuses on your fasteners and assembly processes.

Give us a call at 815.847.7722 for more information about utilizing Peak as your partner for bolted joint design, engineering and fastener testing. As a result you will be taking a significant step towards reducing your time to market, minimizing your product, assembly and service costs, while reducing the potential for critical product failures. Our technical team can thoroughly test and evaluate the bolted joint(s) necessary for your product to stay safe and reliable. Avoid problems on your production lines and in the field by choosing bolted joint design services from Peak Innovations Engineering to help develop sound and robust joint designs and assembly processes for your product.


Why Choose Peak innovations Engineering?

Enjoy peace of mind and add value to your product by outsourcing your bolted joint engineering services and testing services to the experienced fastener professionals at Peak Innovations Engineering. We are proud to offer bolted joint design, and testing services to the latest state of the art technology for our design and testing procedures to ensure accuracy, reliability and repeatability.  Contact us to learn more about our range of bolted joint services; client testimonials are available upon request.