Fastener COF Testing

Peak innovations Engineering knows that fastening is a critical aspect of any assembly, which is why OEM manufacturers and distributors globally use our team for accurate and reliable fastener COF (Coefficient of Friction) testing. As a leading joint design & testing firm, we provide this testing to see if you are utilizing your fastener’s full potential. Our highly technical team provides ultimate confidence in fastening shown through the detail and integrity in the data reported back to customers after testing. We deliver the experience along with the knowledge of hardware, assemblage methods, and tools necessary for advising on how to get superior joint performance. Nobody does fastener COF testing better, so contact the team at Peak innovations Engineering to get started.


Why is Fastener COF Testing Important?

Peak innovations Engineering understands that some joints in your design may be set to standards that were found online or in a book and that they were not specifically tailored to the individual joint and fasteners. Our innovative team uses this type of testing to gather data to advise you on how to get the most out of your fasteners and joints. During testing, our engineers provide a total combination of thread friction plus body friction and bearing face friction. COF testing validates and confirms optimal performance while avoiding low or excess friction resulting in elongation and slippage, for a robust and reliable fastened joint. We ensure accurate data acquisition throughout our testing so that you get what you need to make the joints and fasteners in your product safe and efficient. Peak innovations Engineering offers quality assurance with sophisticated laboratory equipment.


Fastener COF Testing

Peak innovations Engineering has a team of professionals who offer over three decades of experience in integrating technical services along with driving cost savings, improving quality, and validating designs. We offer the best in COF testing for ultimate fastening confidence, this is what we do and we pride ourselves on the advanced technical support we provide to our customers.

Since the beginning, our focus has been to be the most technically competent fastener and joint testing company in the world. Peak innovations Engineering understands customer perspectives and needs, which allows us to serve you better. Our testing services are unmatched, and we are devoted to customer satisfaction. Call (815) 847-7722 today for more information regarding testing and to learn more about our full range of services.


Why Choose Peak innovations Engineering?

Peak innovations Engineering concentrates solely on testing and development. When it comes to testing your products, we help to make your joints and fasteners perform at their best. The broad experience we offer can develop fastening and joining processes suitable for your products and production. If you’re considering outsourcing testing, then now is the time to contact Peak innovations Engineering to acquire more information or to request testimonials.