From the Lab to Your Factory, Taking Fastening to the Real World

by | Jun 2, 2021 | PEAK NEWS

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At PEAK innovations Engineering, one area of expertise is the use of ultrasonics for the evaluation of bolted joints. The ultrasonic method of bolt tension measurement allows the use of actual joint components without the need for modifications to insert load cells or the complications and expense of strain gaging. Coupled with torque-angle measurement we can get the full picture of joint performance: from a true torque-tension relationship to identifying which joint components may be the first to fail (quite often it isn’t the bolt).

But the benefits of ultrasonics don’t stop at the accuracy of the data. Because preparation for ultrasonic measurement doesn’t alter any of the functional properties of the bolts, and assembled joint can still be fully functional. This means that joints or products can now be thermally cycled or put through durability testing while tension relaxation is monitored.

Even better still, the ultrasonic test equipment at PEAK is portable.  So, whether you have an application that can’t be shipped to our lab, you would like to evaluate the effects of your particular assembly tools and techniques, or you would like to assemble and monitor a product or joint during durability testing at your facility, the experts at PEAK can assist with on-site bolt tension measurements. In our latest case study, read about PEAK’s partnership with an automotive customer assessing the safety of wheels prior to release.