• From sail and sport boats to cargo and cruise ships, PEAK is your impartial resource for fastening solutions.  By allowing our team to handle all things fasteners, we can lower your assembly costs, lower your warranty costs, and let your engineers focus on improving revenue.  With our experience and expertise, you’ll find confidence and value in the fastening solutions provided. 
Our value-added capabilities
  • As an experienced, independent, and ISO 17025 accredited lab, we utilize our wide range of equipment capabilities in providing impartial solutions to optimize your fastening applications.
  • Fastening solutions can be provided from development and design, to the assembly floor.  
  • Partial list of capabilities includes:
    • Establish recommended target torque
    • Torque-Angle-Tension testing with load cell or with ultrasonics
    • Measure and monitor clamp load in real-time
    • Torque-angle to failure
    • Monitor joint relaxations (temperature/humidity available)
Providing the ultimate confidence and value in bolted joints and all aspects of fastening

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