ISO 16047 Accredited Testing Laboratory

Peak Innovations Engineering is an accredited lab able to perform ISO 16047 testing for your products.  The test is an international standard for testing torque and clamp forces of threaded fasteners.  This type of test has quite a few specific procedures that must be followed and there are certain environmental conditions that must be met as well for it to be a valid test.  Peak Innovations Engineering is equipped and certified to carry out this test to verify the fasteners that you are using in any application you have.


How can an ISO 16047 test add value to a product and my company?

An ISO 16047 can produce information on coefficient of friction of different fasteners.  Let’s say that you needed to test to ensure the finish on your fasteners is the correct thickness and that it is uniform over the entirety of a lot of fasteners.  An ISO 16047 test can tell you just that by determining the K factor, also know at the coefficient of friction.  It is performed on a bench top or for larger fasteners it can be done on a table top.  By being able to turn to an accredited source to perform a test like this it can also free up your own engineers to be able to work on other projects in house.


But what if I need testing done in joint?

While the ISO 16047 test can tell you quite a bit it does not always work well when doing in joint testing.  There are other services that Peak offers though that could help with this issue.  Peak provides ultrasonic testing which can be done in joint.  Ultrasonic testing is also very versatile and can be performed in a multitude of ways in nearly any kind of joint.  Another advantage of ultrasonic testing is that we can perform it at your facility.  If you want a fastener tested in joint then we can perform the test, with the fasteners being presensored, in your facility.  This can be helpful if you want to test it after installation or if you want to use the product and test it after use to see how much tension is lost.


What else does Peak Innovations Engineering provide?

Peak Innovations provides a wide variety of testing.  We have everything from thermal chambers to tensile testers.  We also provide consultation services and our principal engineer, John Medcalf, has been teaching for the Fastener Training Institute and he can do private sessions for your company to better equip them with knowledge about fasteners and joints.  If you are interested in any of these services please click here to contact Peak innovations Engineering today!