Joint Relaxation Testing

Joint relaxation occurs to some degree in all fastened joints. This can be caused by multiple issues ranging from movement in the joint to temperature. At Peak innovations Engineering, we provide OEM manufacturers and distributors precise and dependable joint relaxation testing. All we do is joint and fastener testing so you can count on our team to do it better than other available options. Testing your joints and fasteners improves quality and makes a safer product through precision and accuracy, which helps you to provide a higher quality product to your consumers. Our highly technical team will handle your testing freeing up your engineering and problem-solving areas so they can focus on core responsibilities. Get joint relaxation testing at Peak innovations Engineering and save time and money.


Why is Joint Relaxation Testing Important?

Peak innovations Engineering focuses on engineering improvements for the fastened joints within your product. During the joint relaxation testing, we can advise you in ways to optimize joints, propose cost reduction of labor and materials, and help to troubleshot poor yield in fasteners. Testing can validate and confirm optimum performance and will help to provide a more reliable fastened joint. Peak innovations Engineering delivers accurate data about joint relaxation testing that will advise you on the best way to maintain a robust clamping force over time.


Joint Relaxation Test

For correctly designed joints, relaxation can be small, but if the joint is improperly joined there may be issues with relaxation. Joint relaxation testing will gather information for evaluation and analysis. Peak innovations Engineering has a team of professionals who help to advise how to eliminate fastening errors. We have the experience and technical knowledge that helps drive cost savings, improve quality, and validate designs. We offer testing that will help you meet your objective of fastening with confidence.

Our focus is to be the most technically competent fastener company in the world by delivering reliable services, which include joint relaxation testing. Peak innovations Engineering allows your engineers to focus on engineering that generates product demand while we perform testing that creates more value and reliability. Call (815) 847-7722 to discuss how joint relaxation testing can benefit your company.


Why Choose Peak innovations Engineering?

There are many benefits to working with our team at Peak innovations Engineering with the most significant being that joint and fastener testing is all we do. Therefore, we can do it better, faster, and reasonably priced. Outsourcing your joint relaxation testing to us allows you to leverage our broad experience, technology, and balanced approach. Contact Peak innovations Engineering for more information on testing or to request testimonials.