October 29, 2015
Machesney Park, IL

Derry Enterprises, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Archetype Joint, LLC located in Orion, Michigan. This strategic acquisition will enhance their position in the marketplace by expanding the services which they provide their customers. With the acquisition, moving forward Archetype Joint will be known as Peak innovations Engineering, LLC.

Archetype Joint is an engineering services firm specializing in the design, testing, and validation of bolted joints. As a leader in the industry, Archetype has built its reputation on their focus on joint development and testing. “Derry Enterprises’ capital, human resources, and infrastructure will significantly enhance our ability to provide additional services to a wider range of customers,” says Dave Archer, founder of Archetype Joint.

Derry Enterprises and Archetype Joint have an experienced, cross functional team dedicated to seamlessly integrating the two businesses. The partnering of these companies will provide customer benefits including a broader array of technical services to help drive cost savings, improve quality, and validate designs.

The keys to Derry Enterprises’ success are the unique culture and value proposition. The culture is people focused and places a high value on team members, customers, and suppliers. The value proposition is to generate year over year cost reductions for their customers through VMI and technical support services. In 1990 Derry Enterprises acquired Field Fastener and has averaged 20% growth rate year over year and plans to sustain high growth and reach $100 Million in revenue in the next few years. “The acquisition of Archetype Joint is another important step in our goal of being the most technically competent fastener company in the world. We are pleased to have Dave Archer and the fastener, fastening and testing capability of his company as a part of Derry Enterprises,” states Chairman, Bill Derry, “We are fired up about the future.”

About Archetype Joint, LLC

Archetype Joint is an engineering services company specializing in the design, testing and validation of bolted joints. Located in Orion, MI, Archetype is an ISO 17025 accredited lab. Archetype is unique in their focus on joint development and testing resulted from twenty-five years of product development and manufacturing experience. This allows Archetype to better understand their customer’s needs and perspectives. To learn more about Archetype and their testing abilities please call 815-847-7722 or visit their website at: www.archetypejoint.com

About Derry Enterprises, Inc.

Derry Enterprises, Inc. acquired Field Fastener in 1990. Field is a global distributor of fasteners and other small components to the OEM market. Over the past 25 years, Field has averaged 20% annual growth each year and for the fifth consecutive year has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America. Field has over 175 VMI systems worldwide. To learn more about Derry Enterprises and Field please call 815-637-9002 or visit them online at: www.fieldfastener.com.