Torque Study

Peak innovations Engineering is accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LA for torque-tension testing. So when distributors or OEM manufacturers need a torque study, they call our team at Peak innovations Engineering because we specialize in joint and fastener testing, giving you the most reliable test results. Our goal is to be the most technically competent fastener and joint testing company in the world, and one part of that process is delivering comprehensive testing. We verify torque specifications that will ensure you are getting the most out of your joints and fasteners. You can never take for granted the importance of a proper analytical torque study. Peak innovations Engineering uses the best technology to perform each test and study, which looks at the function, rotation, and insertion process of fasteners and joints among other factors.


Why is a Torque Study Important?

Peak innovations Engineering looks at key factors with a custom torque study to give clients the most accurate results. Even though we operate on a global scale, we also provide Detroit, Michigan, with leading engineers who have decades of experience and who add value to every test with their expertise. When it comes to a quality product, we understand that not only could your product get into the homes of the 673,104 residents of Detroit, but it could be sent across the world. Testing with us allows us to address multiple factors that can help you to create the best product you can. Detroit may be known for the ups and downs in their professional athletic teams, but you can be sure that Peak innovations Engineering delivers a torque study that is aimed to ensure a win.


Torque Study

This type of study looks at the engineering fundamentals so that the fastener design can be successful for a lifetime. Peak innovations Engineering exposes and removes risk; the proof is in the reporting. Our brand signature is a critical analysis of the testing data and subsequent reporting through a variety of tests. Delivering a more in-depth and informative report is just one factor that sets us apart as an elite team.

Peak innovations Engineering focuses on a variety of testing services along with invaluable Torque Study findings. Free your engineers to concentrate on engineering that increases product demand while Peak innovations Engineering handles the critical analysis of testing data and subsequent reporting. We look forward to working with your Detroit based company. So, call (815) 847-7722 for information on the benefits of testing with us.


Why Choose Peak innovations Engineering?

Peak innovation Engineering offers joint and fastener testing and a Torque Study faster, better, and reasonably priced. Peak innovation Engineering utilizes the best technology to complete an accurate testing and reporting. Contact us to learn how we can help balance performance, cost, and production considerations with this service!