Torque Tension Testing for Automotive Companies in Detroit, MI

torque tension testing Detroit MI

As an automotive manufacturer in Detroit, MI, you already know that without a doubt, the jointed surfaces within your vehicles must be able to withstand normal operating usage.  Therefore, you need a partner for torque tension testing that can identify potential joint related problems before they cause issues within the marketplace. Peak innovations Engineering offers the only ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for torque tension testing in North America. We have the tools and techniques available to help us design, engineer, and validate jointed surfaces within your application.


What Is Torque Tension Testing and How It Applies to Automotive Companies?

Torque tension testing examines how torque, or the force necessary to rotate an object, impacts the performance of your fasteners, joints, and bolts. When day-to-day performance exerts pressure on your automotive components, the joint can vibrate and loosen if torque is too low. The nut or bolt head could slide out of place relative to the joint. If torque is too high, your joints can weaken and fail over time.

Investing in torque tension testing for your designs and systems lets you examine how torque and other forces impact your components in daily use, as well as in higher stress situations.  Peak innovations Engineering can test your jointed surfaces through ultrasonic testing measures to help ensure your vehicle components operate as designed.


Why Automotive Companies in Detroit, MI Choose Peak for Torque Tension Testing

Peak innovations Engineering is an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory for both torque and torque tension testing. We can perform ultrasonic testing for joints, fasteners, and other components within your application. While maintaining ISO 17025 standards, Peak innovations Engineering can perform the following torque tension testing methods:

  • ASTM D5648
  • TP-02 In-Joint Torque/Tension with Ultrasonics
  • IFI 143 and 543
  • USCAR11
  • ISO 16047
  • SAE J174 and J174M

If you need torque tension testing for your automotive components, choose Peak innovations Engineering. Our team has ample experience with fastener and joint engineering to identify and rectify any potential issues.

Contact us to learn more about our automotive torque tension testing capabilities for automotive companies located in Detroit, MI.