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by | Aug 7, 2020 | Blog Posts, COF Tester

People may ask what a COF tester, otherwise known as a coefficient of friction tester, is and why it is important.  A simple explanation of a COF tester is a machine that takes a measurement of a material and determines the angle of incline at which one material when affixed to a sled will begin to slide or slip against another similar material.  This testing can help determine the static and kinetic friction of a material.  This can help a company choose the best material for their packaging.  This testing can be time-consuming and Peak innovations Engineering can perform this testing to free up companies in house engineers for other projects.

Peak innovations Engineering has an in-house COF tester so they can focus on your testing and development, which allows their clients to focus on the features that sell their products.  Peak innovations Engineering has broad experience as a COF tester and can develop joints around the fastening and joining processes best fit the needs of each individual client.  They utilize the best technology and use the latest technology.  Peak innovations Engineering has the product development experience in design and manufacturing engineering that provides insight to balance performance, cost, and production considerations.  They also are accredited in ISO17025 by A2LA for torque and torque-tension testing.  Let Peak innovations Engineering be your COF tester so you can focus on your product.


Company Profile:
Peak Innovations Engineering has a highly technical team to design, test, validate, and enhance the bolted joints within your product application. Joint development and testing are all we do, so we do it better than other available options, both internal and external. Why consume your resources engineering and problem-solving areas that are secondary to your core responsibilities when we can take care of them quickly, definitively, and cost-effectively? www.pieng.com

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