Peak Fastener Loosening

Fastener loosening is a major concern in many applications as it can bring production to a standstill, causing a company thousands of dollars or it can create a significant safety hazard to employees.  Peak innovations Engineering can assist a company with joint testing and development.  Their experience allows them to optimize joints, propose cost reduction of labor and material, and troubleshoot poor yield.  Causes and consequences of fastener loosening depend on their purpose, environment, and many times the industry in which they are used.  Peak innovations Engineering can assist a company with testing to help your production run more efficiently.

If you are experiencing fastener loosening or joint failure, Peak innovations Engineering can design, test, validate, and enhance new and existing bolted joints.  They offer independent third-party fastener, joint, or equipment testing.  They offer an in-house lab for immediate testing and many of their tests can be performed at the customer’s location upon request.  Their specialized testing can optimize the current parameters including; torque, force, time, etc. to help prevent or lessen fastener loosening for their clients.  Peak innovations Engineering is experienced and specialized to help their clients be safer and lessen the chances of equipment failure in their applications.


Company Profile:
Peak Innovations Engineering has a highly technical team to design, test, validate, and enhance the bolted joints within your product application. Joint development and testing are all we do, so we do it better than other available options, both internal and external. Why consume your resources engineering and problem-solving areas that are secondary to your core responsibilities when we can take care of them quickly, definitively, and cost-effectively? www.pieng.com

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