Peak Torque and Tension Relationship

by | Aug 30, 2020 | Blog Posts, Torque and Tension Relationship

Have you ever wondered what the torque and tension relationship is?  Torque is a measure of the twisting force that is required to spin the nut up along the threads of a bolt.  Tension is the elongation of a bolt that provides the clamping force of a joint.  The torque and tension relationship is important.  Studies have shown up to 75 variables that have an effect on the torque and tension relationship including; materials, rate of installations, coefficients of friction, and temperature among others.  Peak innovations Engineering has the in-house capabilities of developing your joints around the processes that are most appropriate for your products and production.

Peak innovations Engineering can be instrumental in determining the torque and tension relationship for your specific products and production processes.  Peak innovations Engineering will design, test, and validate bolted joints to confirm the performance to make sure you have the strongest torque and tension relationship for your specific needs.  You can have the ultimate confidence when your fastening comes from a thorough review of your hardware, assembly methods, and tools, components of the joint and loads, and environment of the assembly by the knowledgeable engineers at Peak innovations Engineering.  Peak innovations Engineering provides the ultimate confidence in fastening that lasts a lifetime.


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Peak Innovations Engineering has a highly technical team to design, test, validate, and enhance the bolted joints within your product application. Joint development and testing are all we do, so we do it better than other available options, both internal and external. Why consume your resources engineering and problem-solving areas that are secondary to your core responsibilities when we can take care of them quickly, definitively, and cost-effectively? www.pieng.com

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