Drive-Strip Torque Test

Peak innovations Engineering is an accredited North American lab that specializes in testing bolted joints and fasteners. We have nearly 30 years of product development and manufacturing experience backing our area of expertise. As a reputable global joint and fastener testing company, we can help while you strive to provide a quality product. Our highly technical team offers a comprehensive drive-strip torque test that’s cost-effective, saving you both time and money. Our team adds value to your product through engineering. The evidence of our success is in our reporting, and we provide a more in-depth process for a more informative reports. When you want to know what the safe driving range is to prevent stripping problems, then contact our team at Peak innovations Engineering.


Why is a Drive-Strip Torque Test Important?

Peak innovations Engineering knows that the drive-strip torque test is an integral part of determining the effectiveness of joints. During the test, the torque can be measured throughout the driving process to give a live reading. Our measuring software is accurate in data acquisition, and our software also allows us to determine the precise maximum driving and stripping torque during the test, which can be customized to your needs. As an engineering service firm, we focus on design, testing, and validation of bolted joints. Helping with the design of a products joints at an early stage can vastly help to ensure the durability and reliability of your joints and fasteners. Peak innovations Engineering frees up your engineering and problem-solving areas that are secondary to your core responsibilities. As a leading testing firm, we make sure joint design and testing are done right.


Drive-Strip Torque Testing

Peak innovations Engineering is experienced in seamlessly integrating technical services while driving cost savings, improving quality, and validating designs with the best in technology and analysis. Our goal has been and will continue to be the most technically competent fastener and joint testing company in the world. Peak innovations Engineering takes the time to understand the customer’s perspectives and needs with open dialogue. Our drive-strip torque test is unmatched by our competition, and we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our in-house lab allows for immediate testing of proposed designs or changes. Also, upon request, we can perform some tests on location. Call us today at (815) 847-7722 for more information regarding testing and other services.


Why Choose Peak innovations Engineering?

Peak innovations Engineering focuses solely on testing and development. Our mission is quality in every test we perform so that customers can rest easy in the fact that their product is in the hands of those who have over three decades of experience, along with the best in micro-sensors ultrasonic technology for measuring. We can accomplish the drive-strip torque test better, faster and reasonably priced so you can focus on features that sell your product! When you’re thinking about your joints, think Peak innovations Engineering. Contact us to learn more or to request testimonials.