Joint development and testing is all we do, so you can rest easy knowing that our team of experts does it better than anyone. You shouldn’t have to consume the time of your engineering and problem-solving functional areas to joint development and testing when they should be focusing on other things. The experts at Peak can take care of your requirements quickly, definitively, and cost-effectively.

Bill Derry : President

Bill Derry


25 years in the industry, 43 years in all aspects of fastener engineering, manufacturing, quality, marketing
Dave Archer : Principal Engineer

Dave Archer

Principal Engineer

Dave was founder and President of Archetype Joint for 11 years. He started Archetype Joint in 2005 to offer manufacturers a full range of independent, specialized testing and consulting services related to joint design, testing, and validation.  Before founding Archetype Joint, Dave was a 25 year design and manufacturing engineer and expert in Design for Assembly principles.  He has extensive experience working on products and manufacturing projects for companies such as Daimler Chrysler, General Motors, Ford Motor Co, Boeing, Textron, Motorola, Whirlpool, Ingersoll Rand, Raytheon, and Alliant Techsystems to name a few.

Dave began his career in 1980 with Westinghouse Electric Corp as a manufacturing engineer on the MX missile launch system.
John Medcalf : Engineering & Business Lead

John Medcalf

Engineering & Business Lead

John Medcalf is the Engineering and Business Lead of Peak innovations Engineering. His educational background includes a Bachelors and a Master’s degree from Northern Illinois University and the University of Illinois in Mechanical Engineering along with certificates in business management for engineers and materials failure analysis.

John started in the fastener industry in 2009, and has since held positions in quality, engineering and engineering management.  He is actively involved in fastener standardization through the ASME, ASTM International, and ISO fastener standards committees, chairing the ASME B18.16 subcommittee on nuts and the ASTM F16.97 subcommittee on coordination with the North American technical advisory groups to ISO.  His thesis work on hydrogen embrittlement of case hardened fasteners has helped advance the knowledge of the phenomenon within the industry and influenced relevant standards.  His work has taken him across North America, Europe, and Asia interacting with fastener customers and suppliers.  In 2014 he was recognized as one of the fastener industry’s “30 Under 30” for providing significant impacts within his company and the fastener industry.
Dan Heck : Lab Technician

Dan Heck

Lab Technician
Russ Crull : Sales Manager

Russ Crull

Sales Manager

Russ has over 39 years of fastener experience in manufacturing, distribution, sales and sourcing under his belt. Russ has served customers within the diverse markets of Industrial-Commercial OEM, Automotive, Medical, Aerospace and DIY supply.  He has extensive travel experience in Asia where duties have included supplier qualification, selection, development and management.

Russ also authored US Patent No. 4,701,088 for an Undercut Sealing Threaded Fastener.
Christy Behnke : Marketing Coordinator

Christy Behnke

Marketing Coordinator

Christy has been in the industry since March of 2014. She has 10 years of sales and marketing experience under her belt. Her goal is to meet Peak’s strategic objectives by implementing marketing campaigns and providing the sales team with the support they need to help them be successful.